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  1. To arrange for the primary education and rendering medical services at a minimum cost for the children and old age people.
  2.  To arrange for the advanced treatment for the patients of the complicated disease.
  3. To create public awareness about regular health care and old aged complication of disease.
  4. To improve the quality of rural life through basic education with particulars target group.
  5. To introduce a viable supervising and monitoring mechanism to ensure effective implementation of the programs.
  6.  To build-up children attitude towards community welfare activities.
  7. To organize the disadvantaged women with the co-operation of community members so that they can identify and resolve their problems by themselves independently.
  8. To ensure community participation and resource mobilization for the community development.
  9. To give liberation of women from their traditional cursed bond of slavery and other subhuman status in the family and that of the society.
  10. Initiate programs for trafficking women and children.
  11. Initiating pure drinking water, sanitation and arsenic, mitigation programs.
  12. Organize disaster management and rehabilitation programs.
  13. Election monitoring works.

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