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  1. People’s capacity and dignity
  2. Culture and environment friendly
  3. Creativity and innovation
  4. Discipline, participation, team work and openness
  5. Gender equity
  6. Special emphasis on adolescent and women
  7. Cost consciousness
  8. Accountability and transparency
  9. Honesty and integrity
  10. Justice and fairness.
  11. Striving for excellence.
  12. Core Competencies
  13. Knowledge and experience in planning and implementation of programs related to:
  14. Climate change, Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), flood and water resource managemen
  15. Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), Non-formal education under the Lifelong Learning (LLL) framework including TVET
  16. Health and nutrition
  17. Agriculture, livestock and fisheries development
  18. Entrepreneurship development, Income & employment generation and livelihood support
  19. Civic education and human rights, reduction of violence against women, psycho-social counselling, capacity building, community mobilization, etc.
  20. planning, budgeting, and controlling costs
  21. Highly motivated and capable workforce that contribute in capacity building of staff, volunteer, community and other relevant stakeholders.
  22. Knowledge and experience in resource mobilization
  23. Socially responsive governing body and sound internal control environment supported by policy documents and guidelines
  24. knowledge and expertise in communication both popular communication and using new media
  25. Participatory evaluation and follow-up action

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