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The southwest Region is a unique geographical area in the world. More than 400 rivers and canals spread in the like net over the region. But for deavelopment of large infrastructure without consideration of ecology and environmental perspective, the region falls in a great problem. The problems are sanitation and water-logging, degradation of the Sundarbans and imbalance environmental equilibrium. For its geophysical characteristics, the region faces various problems like risk of HIV/AIDS, especially the child and mother health protection, Empowering adolescents, hygiene, sanitation and pure drinking water supply, Unnatural death in cross-border clashes, smuggling and drug abuse etc. The situation of human rights, women rights and child rights is in low satisfactory level now.
To face the problems of the region, a group of young and enthusiastic social workers meet together and established ASSIST Bangladesh in 2005 to develop the socioeconomic situation of the poor and marginalized people of the region. ASSIST Bangladesh is a non-governmental organization and has a vision to improve the livelihood of poor and marginalized people. Having a journey of last ten years, the organization has developed its first vision paper for 2005-2010. Considering national and international development drivers and need of the constituency ASSIST Bangladesh works for, the vision, mission and programmatic directives are designed. ASSIST Bangladesh two key programmatic approaches are: Community Based Approach and Rights Based Approach. ASSIST Bangladesh key programmatic strategies are: partnership development, advocacy, social mobilization and institution building, capacity building, professionalization, networking and community empowerment.
ASSIST Bangladesh is working to ensure household livelihood security, significant reduction of extreme poverty of the poor and marginalized people through ensuring good governance, human rights and social justice, and taking benefits from national and international drivers and mechanism along with fighting against anti-poor national and international mechanisms.

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